Introducing My New Audiozine: “Flowers For Linda”

Dear Friends,

Over the past four months, life has taken me to various cities, stages, screens and platforms to talk up the book I edited, The Sentences That Create Us: Crafting A Writer’s Life in Prison, which has garnered a spread of impressive press that keeps rolling in. You can stay tuned to that journey here.

Behind the scenes, in the quiet moments between boarding flights and running my mouth, I found some time to create for myself in a new medium. The result is a sacred offering that comes straight from spirit:

FLOWERS FOR LINDA is a new audiozine (some call it “podcast”) named after my late gardener mom — about creative relationship, giving the living their flowers, and the surprising lessons of grief.

Listen here.

Read more about episode one below. It is a hot 30 minutes, and, if you ask me, worth a listen. But I’m biased. I like hearing myself talk!

As always, if you enjoy something here, why not share it with someone who needs it?

❤ x !


Flowers For Linda, Episode One:
I Am Enough with Maya Azucena

What kind of spiritual work does it take to sing on stadium stages?

In this first episode, I mine wisdom and gems from a conversation with my larger-than-life 4-octave-range, Grammy-awarded singer, songwriter, humanitarian and best friend Maya Azucena, through the lens of her new music project, I AM ENOUGH.

More than an album, I AM ENOUGH is, in Maya’s words, “an experience, a movement, and a belief.”

Come, visit with us, and if you find yourself as moved as I imagine you will be, consider making your own coffee tomorrow morning and put a few dollars towards her kickstarter campaign.

Why not listen now?



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