Drop the Performance of Artist To Live Life As Art

Introducing “Flowers for Linda” Audiozine Episode 2

(Dad holds a bouquet by Caits)

Skip the intro and listen here.

Dear Friends,

When I was asked to present a keynote speech in fall 2021 at the Transformative Language Arts’ Power of Words conference, alongside one of my inspirations, the astonishing poet laureate Joy Harjo, I knew I had to muster up the courage to really speak from spirit. What I got: You must drop the performance of artist to live life as art.

Now it exists for you as episode 2 of my new “Flowers For Linda” audiozine (“podcast” if ya boring.)

This rangy, experiential talk is laced with personal anecdotes, the philosophy of beauty, and the wisdom of flow and presence as access points to embodied creativity. I tapped in. Now I re-listen to myself when I need some strong medicine.

When my friend Malik brought it as a special listen into his Sound Design beatmaking class, word on the street is that it became a repeat listen for many. Can’t say I’m not proud to hear it.

It made sense to me that my words would resonate with musicians who are always trying to find their way more completely into the embodied state, seeking towards a more pure or raw or alive beat, tone, harmony.

Maybe you’ll feel inspired towards that same open channel after listening? Worth a try?

Take a sip,




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