A meditation on the gifts of death inspired by the failure of my first bouquet, plus an exercise in creating from decay

Goodbye, bouquet. Photo by the author

In which I assess and contemplate moments this week that made me feel “the quality or fact of being plentiful or large,” including a memory of the larger-than-life Michael K. Williams

Self portrait by author with bouquet.

Each week in Bodrum, Turkey I become a giant.

In which I consider the gifts of prolonged discovery, gratitude for minor inconveniences, motorcycle rides, dancing with strangers and, briefly, Trevor Noah

What is this grainy-but-sassy video still screenshot you ask? Read on.

A new blog from me, Caits, about the wisdom of plants, of strangers, and of dead people — and of course, always, always, the wisdom of children.

Image by Outlandish Plants


Three poems

Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

Caits Meissner

is a New York City-based writer, artist and cultural worker. She writes here about daily wonder, the lessons of grief, and embracing a creative life.

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